broken pieces of me…

Sorry… small post this morning because I should already be working.

I just wanted to thank a friend for inviting me as her guest to the pre-opening bash for Indigo here in SJ. Thanks a LOT Jules! I had a great time!

You see; I drool over books the way that most people think women drool over shoes and handbags. I adore them! If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and felt a kinship to Belle because of her love for books and the written word, then you understand how I feel. When Beast gave her his library… oh… I would likely melt into a puddle if anyone ever gave me a library like that.

Can you tell I enjoy Disney movies too? ;)

In any event, last night’s celebration in Indigo was wonderful! They had a live musician (who was also selling CD’s there, but I have no idea who he was), though he was quite loud and it made it rather hard to think or to hear Jules/be heard by Jules. The staff was friendly and helpful, when we couldn’t find the areas we wanted to get to ourselves, and most were carrying trays of veggies or hors d’oeuvres or little mini-samples of Starbucks sweet cold drinks. I really think that Chris will LOVE the Vanilla Bean something-er-other (can you tell I don’t buy Starbucks religiously?) that I got to sample. They also had two women doing caricatures and, as we were just about to leave, one of the ladies asked Jules if she wanted to have hers done. So she did, then, because we had time, I got mine done while Jules paid for the books. I’ve never had that done and it made me really want to get back into drawing.

So, with our purchases, we left for the night. I bought a book on the how-to’s of model release forms for my fella because he’s been pouring over that and trying to get as much help from the sites he visits regularly, a Complete Grimms Fairy Tales and Fantasy Characters: How to Draw Fantastic Beings and Incredible Creatures books for myself. I went in thinking I would trying and find a good how-to-draw Manga book, and I think this how-to-draw book will help out. Wish me good luck!

Anyway, I have to get a cheque prepared and then get cracking on that crazy Flash project. I have the code and everything else figured out… now it’s just putting points on the maps and adjusting the code for the specific points. Sounds like a cinch right? However, the largest map (which I am doing first to try and see how long it takes) has 74 points. Each of those points has 5 lines of code that needs to be adjusted (mind you, it’s only 2 numbers at most per line, but still)… so it’s a bit of work. Especially when the points don’t line up with the stats they’ve given me. *sigh* … so please… wish me a bit of good luck with that too.

And, if you’re especially good today, perhaps I will be able to get some photos up tonight. :)

Keep smilin’!

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Jennie Says:

August 19th, 2008 at 10:55 pm edit

I have a 1900’s leather bond A. Tennyson poetry book I’ll have to bring the next time I’m home…I love books too… it doesn’t have a copyright, but mentions his poems 1830-1860’s and their is a 1909 inscription from a relative

…and some day when I own a home I want my own libray complete with movable ladder

admin Says:

August 20th, 2008 at 9:51 pm edit

Oh well that’s almost a given… a ladder or two on rails. Oh yes!

And yes please bring the book. I love old books (and photographs), though I don’t have any of my own yet But I’d love to see yours!

But a good one I hope.

Due to life and monetary issues at a juncture in my life I had to move home. My family opened their arms and welcomed me back, even though there was barely any room for me anymore yet they made the room to squeeze me in. I repay that by doing whatever I can to help them out whenever I can.

Anyway… to the meat of my post:

My father is usually the one I car-pool with on my way to work in the mornings because he works at the uptown hospital, St. Joseph’s (or St. Joe’s as we SJ-ers call it) as a tradesperson/maintenance guy (they really are lucky to have someone who’s willing to do whatever he can on whatever project the maintenance guys get, very stupid if the Hospital lets him slip through the cracks). Due to this fact, and the aforementioned fact in a previous post ["My father, the storyteller...] that my father LOVES to tell stories, he tends to pick up on something from the TV in the morning or on CBC in the truck and it sparks his memory of a tale and he begins to tell it. So… I thought I would share, when I can, the story he imparts on me in the morning, from memory because (stupid me) I have packed my voice recorder away in my bag instead of keeping it on my lap for just such an occasion.

The story this morning: My father was one of a few soldiers chosen from this region of Canada to travel over, on a historical trip, to Normandy & Dieppe, France not that long ago (3-4 years ago I think). Believe you me; he was so excited when it was determined that he would be one of the ones going I wish I had had my voice recorder then because he spouted off so much history to me that my head was reeling with tales and factoids.

For this morning’s tale I, myself, was the inspiration. Dad asked what I was up to this weekend and I mentioned that we were planning on going to the Highland Games in Fredericton Saturday (again, because after I said it he realized that he had heard that before… LOL), and that tonight we were hoping to go to O’Leary’s to see Signal Hill (a band from Nova Scotia that we saw once when we were visiting a friend there, and enjoyed VERY much). I told him that they are very much like a Great Big Sea band, the way they used to be with their main focus being heavy into the folk-Maritimes music, not the pop-style that they had come out with relatively recently.

Dad then began to tell me about one of the places on his trip, this Caen in France, that they visited. It, apparently, is a big college/university city and so has a lot of bars and taverns along a few stretches of streets. Dad and his fellow visitors from the Maritimes were walking along this street when they heard a very familiar sound. It was Great Big Sea music coming from one of these bars so, ears perked to the sounds of home, they followed the plucky tunes to the spot in question. Inside they found two young men at a table, songlist written on a napkin, playing a guitar and a fiddle. When they tried to speak with the lads, thinking they were also visitors to this fine city, they discovered that the young men were oh-so native. Luckily one in the visiting group knew the French language, even though it’s our version, and was able to tell the musicians that the reason the men in front of them were so excited was that the music they were playing was from our area of the world in particular. Not just Canada, but the Maritimes! My Dad and the guys he was with bought the young men some beer and enjoyed their music some more.

This was also the bar where my Dad exchanged his little Canada flag pin for a kiss from one of the waitresses. She had wanted it, and he said he’d give it to her for a kiss. What a nut!

Another tidbit of a historical fact that Dad mentioned on the same area was that it once was the residence of William the Conqueror and his castle is still there. Apparently he left Caen when he went to attempt to overtake England. Wow! My father is a fount of information!

And, as if that wasn’t enough for my excited brain, as we rounded onto the street that my work is located at Dad noticed the building on the corner for the first time. It’s called the Union Club building… or at least I think it still is… but it used to be the HQ of the ~something~ Boys (I apologize… because the name has escaped me at this moment, but I’ll edit this later when I’m home on Sunday and can ask Dad what the name was again). Dad said that, in order to become a member of that gentlemen’s club, it used to be that you had to have been wounded and carried off the battlefield. Again… WOW!

So I think I will try to make this a regular occurance. It, at least, gives me something interesting to right about. Mind you, I can only post stories that my father has shared when he shares them. I don’t want to press him for stories because they might not come out the same way. I *hope* you understand, but I really think you do.

Wow… the sky has suddenly become quite dark. I know that it poured earlier this morning (say around 4am or so) because I heard the sudden rush of it and it woke me. I do, honestly, hope it rains again and gets it out so that tomorrow will be a lovely day in F’ton.

Well… I must get ready to take apart a co-workers desk, input a bunch of invoices to go out, and work on some Flash maps. I know you’re probably thinking; “What the heck kind of job does she do???” You know where most companies would have one person, at least, doing Human Resources, one person, at least, doing Financial, one person doing Administrative, and another one person (or more) doing Flash animation… yeah… no. I do all of that and for a laughable rate. I’m really only staying because: a) I like the girls I work with, b) I’d rather not move away from my family, c) the internet isn’t censored insanely like it is in other places (which would be really stupid here since we have to create things for the web), and d) it’s right uptown, so pretty close to everything (except where I’m living currently). If I can find a place that either allows me to work from home (preferable) and/or has a wicked-awesome pay rate… I’d be out of here in blink. You wouldn’t even see my dust I’d be moving so fast!

That sounds bad… really I am loyal to a company, if they treat me right. Currently these guys treat me right, or at least as well as some men who have no clue can, but if I find an employer who would treat me better you bet I would be looking elsewhere for my meal ticket. I have plans for my life, and not being able to afford those plans is not where I want to be.

In any event… I’ve rambled. I apologize and hope that I didn’t lose anyone out there! Off I go to take apart a desk! And please put on your Sunshine Shoes for tomorrow for me!


Smile. More than one person in the world loves you and that’s the best reason ever to cause a grin.

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Adam Wilson Says:

August 4th, 2008 at 5:29 pm edit

I really enjoy your Dad’s stories too. I think it was probably one of his stories that got me into the military, which I’m still grateful for….

I know… it’s a line of lyrics from a Christmas song, but it’s valid for what it feels like today as well. I say “feel” because it hasn’t actually started yet this morning. It was spitting against the windshield of the truck on our way in town, but that didn’t even last that long.

We desperately need an extended heavy rain. Something that will start out slow, so the ground has a chance to start soaking it in, then pick up and really irrigate the land. It’s been so dry, actual rain-wise, but humid and heavy. A really powerful thunderstorm would break that up wonderfully!

Listening to The Wave (97.3 FM) this morning because that’s the station that we have set in the office, and it’s not that bad honestly (side note: but if you have to listen to it all day from 7:30am until 4:30 pm, you hear the songs repeat 3 times over. Great if you enjoy the songs… not so much if you don’t), and she was saying that Quispamsis/KV area is already having their torrential downpour. Fingers crossed people! I’m currently typing this in a Notepad before I post it, and saving constantly just in case the power goes out.

My main reason for posting was to plug a petition, but I felt I’d be cheap if I didn’t post some actual content too. :) I’m not political by any stretch of the word, but a friend posted this on her Facebook blog and I thought I would add it here after I have signed it myself. This is a petition to show that we are against Aliant, Telus and any other fatcat phone corporation from forcing us to pay for INCOMING text messages on our cell phones.

Honestly, I don’t have a cell phone… yet, but it is something I’m looking at purchasing within the next few months. Primary reason for buying a cell phone; for texting because that is how my family keeps in touch throughout the day and I thought it would be a good way for me to keep in touch with my fella as well. However… most everyone I know has a cell phone and has texting. These companies are greedy… because if you think about it… they’re charging twice if they get to go through with this. The person who is sending the message is likely getting charged (cost depending on their package, if they have one) and the person who is receiving will be getting charged (again, cost depending on their package, if they have one).

Here’s a link to the site with the description of the petition and there’s a link to the petition itself on that site:

And that’s it for me for now. I keep promising more photos and I will get some more up soon. It’s just a little hard to find a spare moment right now. Currently I’m posting this from work before I start… gotta get working now though. I need to get the paperwork ready for the accountant!

Have a marvelous day and do a little rain dance for me, pretty please! I don’t want to see the flowers wilt anymore…

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Kylearyn Says:

August 19th, 2008 at 8:51 pm edit

Forget my bias here. But Aliant and Telus both now charge for incoming text. Rogers does not. And there are no plans on the horizon to change that.

I wouldn’t be in a rush to get one before they do either, with the intentions of locking them in an agreement they can’t change. The texting is not a part of the plan, it’s an addon like call display, or voicemail. They can change it at will with a certain amount of notice and the option to remove that feature.

In anycase, it’s $10 for 2500 messages a month. Or there are otherways of cutting the costs. Like a my5 plan, unlimited text comes with the calls to 5 people. If you have a student card, make that 10 people.

And of course a dozen or so addon packages with text, call id and crap in them.

That’s my sales pitch for the moment, sorry. =P

admin Says:

August 20th, 2008 at 9:43 pm edit

Well that’s the plan really… to get one of those “my 5? plans and put my sisters, Mom and beau on it. Those would be my heavily texted peeps

At the gentle urging of my cousin (a comment he wrote to my post “One more step…”) as well as my own creative conscience smacking me in the back of the head, I am writing a post right now! Right this minute! Uhm… a little obvious, right? Since you’re reading what I typed. (-_^) Photos however will have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday night. My apologies, kind visitors.

I noticed something this morning as I was walking to work from my weekend retreat at my fella’s place; peonies seem to give off more of a perfume as they’re expiring. Although, the rain helped too because everything smells so much more fragrant when it’s damp out (even not-so-yummy smelling things), but the scent of the peonies this morning as they were dropping their petals like tears for Spring soaked the air as if it were warring with the oxygen for popularity. It was really quite beautiful and I thought I’d share that.

But the title of my post… that was something I thought of recently. Just after my grandmother’s 75 birthday party up-country on July 5th actually. I know… long time to ponder something before posting… but I really wanted to get it out properly, even now I don’t think I’ll do my pondering justice. My thoughts were prompted by my father himself. He was talking with a fellow military guy, though a bit younger than me in age, and just a bunch of us really. We were sitting outside under the camo-net, that had been set up for Nan’s birthday, on the lawn chairs and he was talking about something him and some of his military friends did for one of their commanding officers who died rather suddenly (medical issues). What they did, they could get in a LOT of trouble for so I won’t repeat it here, even though the story was very moving (my father had to fight tears because this was a man that he really respected) and I hope to hear it again sometime.

That evening before sunset we, my fella, Jess, and I, went for a walk along the road. We stopped to let my Dad’s cousins know that one of their chickens had gotten out and was in their garden, took some pictures of the little old church, flowers, dirt roads, and then decided we would go out back in the field to the fish pond to see what was going on there. My beau got some good pictures of a frog that was yelling across the pond at a friend. I got a picture of one in the middle of the pond (could just see the eye above water… kind of creepy honestly), and then we noticed deer coming up over the edge of the decline. I took some pictures for Dad.

Anyway, as we were walking my beau mentioned how much he enjoyed listening to my Dad’s stories, and I had to say that I felt the same way. I even told Dad so when we were back in SJ and were watching a newer Western on the television. A commercial came up and he was telling me the stories he knew of Geronimo, so I told him about my beau mentioning his enjoyment of Dad’s stories and that I enjoyed them too. He seemed pleased, but he takes compliments about as well as I usually do… never thinking we deserve them.

That same weekend my Uncle Jim, one of my Mom’s brothers, came to visit. I only got to see him briefly up-country because we were on our way back to SJ the same day he arrived. However, he came to SJ to visit that Thursday evening until the weekend, so Thursday night during supper him and Dad talked about the military. Uncle Jim was a medic, at least at some point, so he talked about his experiences, and Dad told him about the trip he got to take to Normandy and Dieppe in France and the older men that he got to talk to. That’s when he brought up the point; once these older men who lived during the wars, fought and survived the wars, die… we will lose their stories. Losing tales, no matter how gruesome, upsetting, depressing they can be, in regards to the wars at least, saddens me.

As much as I don’t appreciate the school system’s versions of History (all dates and names with no real story involved), I love hearing it from the source, or hearing it from someone like my father. His enjoyment of history permeates every word he speaks on it and makes it truly enjoyable to hear.

So, in order not to lose his stories or those of my uncles, I bought a voice recorder. I just need to get an external mic now, because the internal is a little hard to point in order to get a clear voice.

I want to be able to keep the voices of those I love, even when they aren’t around to speak to me directly.

My little tidbit of wisdom today; never take anything for granted. You could turn around, or blink, and it could be gone forever. Listen to the stories of those around you because a lot of them have experienced this first hand.

And because I promised: I have a friend, Bojan, who is a brilliant photo-journalist and a loving father to two little girls. He is trying to raise the funds needed to complete a project. Here is a brief blurb and it also links to the site where he’s selling pixels of the image (that’s why the top part of the site is a little bare at the moment):

“I have a photography and multimedia project I would like to execute. The project will focus on smaller islands in Eastern Canada and Croatia and the ways that their cultural, social and economic environments are shaped by islands’ relative geographical isolation – their islandness, if you will. I believe that with appropriate funding I can complete this project in 2 years.”

And I must add that he posted a nice spot about books that he enjoys reading to his little girls because they portray strong female characters. If you don’t click here to read it, at least look at the books he suggested:

  • The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall
  • Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
  • Matilda by Roald Dahl
  • BFG by Roald Dahl
  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  • The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean by Alexander McCall Smith and Laura Rankin
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • After Hamelin by Bill Richardson

But that is it for me… I must get back to editing the photos so that I can post some of them tomorrow night or Wednesday.

Be well Everyone, and thank you for visiting!

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Bojan Says:

July 22nd, 2008 at 3:03 pm edit

Thanks for the plug

You should write down some of your dad’s stories. In fact, record them. those are treasures all too easy to lose. And It looks like he passed some of those story telling genes on

Love your blog, by the way…

admin Says:

July 22nd, 2008 at 6:11 pm edit

Not a problem! I really enjoy reading your blog (when I get a spare chance), and I thought your idea for raising money for the project is rather ingenious. Your comments about strong female characters in the books you try to read to your daughters really stuck in my head too.

That’s the idea behind the voice recorder really. I’ll record him telling his stories, then type them out. That way I can save them in print, as well as audio.

I love to write, actually, and thought that I would become one of the youngest published authors… but that was years ago and I never seem to be able to finish a book that I start. I got as many as 51 single-spaced typed pages at the beginning of High School… then the file became corrupt and I lost it. Lesson to be learned… SAVE OFTEN, and multiple copies! I do that now with photos and illustrations that I manipulate, just to be sure I don’t lose anything again!

And thank you very much! The feeling is definitely mutual

Adam Wilson Says:

August 4th, 2008 at 5:10 pm edit

Another good book to read to children (which I grew up reading when I was a child) is The Arabian Nights (or 1001 nights). There are quite a few strong female characters in that book of mythology. Some may find it too violent for little children, but maybe it might be a book to look into later on in their life.

One more step…

One more step to getting this site where I want it. Colour me sunshiney-yellow! I’ve got one album up in “Gallery” and, now that I know how to, more to come this week! “Gallery” will be where I will keep my images of the crafts I’ve done, and “Photos” is where I will keep photos of family.

Also I’ve created a “Links” page that houses links for my friends’ sites, my favourite sites and my visitors’ sites. If you don’t want your website added to my “Links” page, please do not include it in the optional box when you’re commenting. That way I’ll know :o)

On a personal note: Football last night so my fella could take photos (he hasn’t posted them yet, but you might as well check out his photography ["Photography" link top right on his site]… I think he’s really growing). Tonight, starting at 18:00, I’ve got a wedding to attend, then bowling after that with friends (just for fun, we’re not in a league), and after that we’re planning on going back to my fella’s place to play Rock Band. I’ve discovered, just last weekend, that I’m not too bad at the singing part… which rather shocks me.

Wherever you are, no matter the weather, have a sunshiney day!

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Adam Wilson Says:

July 21st, 2008 at 7:54 pm edit

Hil! Get to work on the site! Don’t let it die off……

Your cuz


Alex Says:

August 16th, 2008 at 12:20 pm edit

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!


Soon, hopefully this weekend, I will get a big jump start on this site. I’m going to get my fella to give me a hand with a gallery then I should be off and running. Next week I plan to take pictures of all of the costumes and pieces that I’ve made so that they can have their own gallery. It may take a bit of planning because I want to have things grouped together properly so that people who aren’t interested in my personal life don’t have to run through it to get to my public galleries & stuff for sale.

That’s another thing… figuring out how to sell things. At first I’m just going to put the galleries up to see if there’s any interest. Right now we’re only selling chainmail & scalemail locally and only on commission, but I have some bracelets and earrings done and ready for sale… so we’ll see.

And, just in case anyone is interested in my life today… it’s FRIDAY!! But no slacking today… I’ve got a ton of work to get done. Funny thing… we had a pigeon in the office two weeks ago (I think it was 2), and they haven’t seemed to learn their lesson. Another guy in the office (on the other side) left his window open over night!!! This morning I opened up that side and saw two pigeons peeking in, so I shooed them away, but I don’t know if there’s another one that might be in there. I just shut that side of the office and they can deal with it. Their own stupidity after all. ;oP

Anyway… I’ve got 45 minutes (or so) until I actually start (I got here at 7:25am today, but don’t actually start until 9am), but I want to check my Facebook and whatnot before I have to start making calls, working on A/R & A/P, updating files, and calling the mobile phone company. Weeeee!

All the best to you and yours!


This is a call for patience from anyone who is curious and kind enough to glance by my website while it’s in the midst of construction (I’d say “reconstruction” but it was in poor disrepair before and barely warranting the label “website”). I have never used a pre-constructed template before, so I am working my way thru manipulating it, but by the end of this weekend, with some help, I shall have it up and running.

This site shall house updates here in the blog section on the main page (“Home” currently) about my current projects and my life, the “About” section will remain such and will have details about me shortly, and there will be one or more Album sections (depending on how I want to divide my photos). I will have a section devoted to Chainmail for certain. Currently if you want to get a small idea of what I’ve made and/or helped make you can vistit It’s where our old site was migrated to, and Chris will still have a section on Visual Voodoo for chainmail, but I’ll be adding one to my site as well because I may draw a different crowd. (-_^)

In any event… this is my first post and I will end it here so that I can work on the backend some more tonight.

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JeannieGrrl Says:

May 30th, 2008 at 8:15 pm edit

Chick, I know that your forte is flash and that makes PHP, these templates, a real b**ch. I have a crapload of PHP and CSS ebooks if you want them, they’ll help everything in the long run. Also – I live for WordPress so any help you need, just say the word(press)! *giggles*

P.S. You’re in my “Townies” link box in the left sidebar on my site

Stay shiny!