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So this page is going to house links to other sites, be they friends’ sites, or webcomics that I enjoy, or places you can buy things, or artistic sites that I just enjoy and/or want to buy something from because they’re just too darn cool but I’m lacking in funds. So… yeah… enjoy.

These are links to some friends’ sites with a little description as to what you should find (unless they change up their sites… I’ll try to keep this updated)

Open Friends

Visual Voodoo – This is Chris’s photography site. He really enjoys taking photos of sports, but he’s got some maternity, wedding, and artsy stuff under his belt too.

Alicia Robichaud Photography – This is Alicia’s photography site for her special projects. Currently there’s photos up from her “Through the Looking Glass” shoot and her “A Zombie Lovestory” shoot.


Below are some comics I enjoy. I’ve put little icons beside them to indicate the type of comics they are.

Open Comics

Here’s a legend of the icons:

Serious content, heavy drama


Sad/touching content

Primarily Black/white

Primarily Colour


The Abominable Charles Christopher


(mild violence)

The Fox Sister

Kick Girl

Little Vampires

Loading Artist

 - This comic is completed (3 online Books)


(violence – Eagle eats his liver after all)



Rainbow in the Dark – first one’s free

The Uniques – first one’s free


Useful links:

Open Links

Color Scheme Designer – There are multiple uses you could find for this in the digital world. It even gives you an option (a tab at the bottom of the big blocky colour window) to view a sample of a Light or Dark web design theme based around the colours you choose.

Color Rotate – This is a neat site where you can create your own palettes and export them. There’s also a ton of pre-created palettes that you can export in a few different formats.

W3Schools Color Mixer – Sometimes it’s easier just to use the good ol’fashioned HTML color mixer that is on the W3Schools site. Actually this is also a great site for HTML, CSS & PHP references at least… I haven’t tried any of the others yet.

iStockphoto – Great for stock photography, but they also have some good articles too.

Creattica – This site is great for inspiration. I particularly enjoy looking through their Photoshop and Digital Painting sections.

All Recipes – This is a marvelous site for finding recipes. I have a few favourites now that I got from this site. There’s even some great videos/tutorials on how to do certain things… like cutting an avacado (I didn’t know how to do it easily before I looked it up… I’m not ashamed to admit that).

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