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About Me

I think I’ll stay consistent and talk about myself as if I’m actually telling someone about me, instead of talking in 3rd person like some sites do. This site isn’t meant to be a professional portfolio (at least not at the moment). It’s meant to be more of a place where I can dump my thoughts and ideas and whatever else as if I’m telling someone, but without the awkwardness of them getting bored and staring off into nothingness as I talk. With my online posts… you can read as much, or as little, as you want and I won’t see when you ‘walk’ away. I call this my ego-saver. Not that I have a big one, but I think most people will find that it hurts when you notice someone’s tuning you out. The format may change as I go along.

Anyway… what can I say about myself?

I’m the eldest daughter of four. I have no brothers, though I always wanted an older brother (impossible, I know, but I still dreamed of it when I was little). Family is very important to me and I love my sisters dearly. I may not have gotten along perfectly with M while we were going through our teen-years, but she was only a year younger… so I think that’s expected. The twins, B and R, are six years younger than I am and I don’t think there was much conflict between us older girls and our youngest siblings. Now, as we have aged past our troubling-teens, we all get along pretty great. But… I always loved, and will always love, them.

People who know me believe me to be pretty crafty. I’ll admit to being artistic of mind and, generally, any craft-hobby I pick up, I can figure out, but I will attribute all that to my Nan (paternal grandmother), my parents and practice… LOTS of practice actually. My Nan owned and operated a ceramic shop, until recent years, and she would watch us during the day when Mom and Dad were working. She used to tell me that we (M and I) learned to paint before we could even walk, and I believe her. Older ladies used to paint figurines in Nan’s shop but they ‘couldn’t’ do the small eyes so they would leave them for Nan to do. Nan would let me help with that and she was tickled that the older ladies didn’t know that her granddaughter painted them until she told them. My Mom used to do at least one craft (beads, pipe-cleaners, nuts that looked like mice, plastic canvas, felt, etc) EVERY Christmas as we were growing up. One of her friends joked once that it looked like a sweat shop ’cause we (all the daughters) were all lined up along the dining room table, glueing and sticking and cutting and shaping. But we enjoyed it! It was our chance to do something crafty and spend time with Mom. Dad is a mason (brick… not the society) and carpenter, and also painted houses (indoors). My interest in carpentry came from him, as well as drawing. He used to draw Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock on his letters to Mom when they were younger. So my craftiness is mainly because of them. I wanted to be able to paint like Nan, create crafts with the best of them (in my eyes, this was Mom), and draw like Dad. I’d be more into carpentry if I had the room and money for the equipment… as it is, I eventually plan to get into whittling at least.

I also enjoy cooking and baking. Though, out of the two, I prefer baking. Yes, I am a sugar fiend and most of what I bake are sweets/pastries, but I also enjoy the chemistry of it. You mix all these raw ingredients, most of which are a type of powder or creamy/liquid substance, together and then shape it into your desired design. Then, while it’s baking in the oven, you get to enjoy the perfume of the fruits of your labour as it cooks its way to yummy completion. The thing I enjoy most about cooking or baking, though, is when others enjoy it. If I don’t get a satisfactory enough feel that most people liked what I made… that recipe either gets tweaked or tossed. I do it for the pleasure of others because, let’s face it, if I only did it for myself I wouldn’t be able to fit out the door. My interest and enjoyment in the kitchen comes from my Nan and Mom. Nan is always baking something… pies or buns usually (depending on the season) and she used to make special occassion cakes (including wedding). Mom is always baking cookies at Christmas time, and trying out new recipes on us year-round. I don’t think there’s one person in my extended family that doesn’t bring something to an event that they made personally. It’s a great motivator.

I enjoy reading and writing, though I don’t read as much now as I used to even a few years ago, and my writing now is usually focused around writing backgrounds for my LARP characters. This blog was meant to get me posting regularly and get my creative juices flowing. As you may have noticed, I let a HUGE gap slip in there (stopped writing in 2009 and picking it up again now in 2011), so we can see how well that plan worked. LOL This is what I get for having too many hobbies.

Sewing is another passion, speaking of LARP (Live Action Role Playing), and it’s one I can actually make a little money off of. I get this interest from my Mom. All our lives, she’s been sewing Halloween costumes and the random item of clothing, as well as hemming our clothes for us (we’re all pretty short compared to standard clothing sizes). I don’t enjoy the pinning and cutting much… but I love when I start sewing something together and I can really see what it’s going to look like. Putting in that final seam on a sewing project really makes me feel good! I do like the pre-cutting part too… when you plan out what a costume or piece of clothing is going to look like. I do use purchased patterns ’cause I’m not yet at the level where I can just sketch out pieces on fabric and cut them (I’m sooooo afraid of screwing up and ruining/wasting the fabric), but I do tend to Franken-stitch. I’ll take pattern pieces from multiple sources and put them together to make what’s in my head.

Swimming is something I enjoy thoroughly but don’t do nearly enough of. I keep telling myself that I will get out more ‘next Summer’… but that never happens. Time is just full of socializing (though I’m not a social butterfly, just get-togethers with other geeky friends to watch movies or bbq or the like), family time (especially now that I have a nephew) and craft-hobbies. I can never find the time to get outdoors and make my way to a beach. When we were younger (aka; still in school) we used to go up-country for the whole Summer and swim whenever it was nice enough. I miss those years dearly.

LARP is a big part of my life now. Almost all of my hobbies revolve around it and I make some extra cash because of it too. I write backgrounds, I read the source books, I draw my characters (though mostly now my ‘drawing’ is done on my computer), I sew costumes and accessories, I build props and costume pieces for my characters (chainmail, scalemail, paper mache masks, etc) and I take photos of people in costumes. Almost every weekend there is a ‘game’ running that I participate in and when there isn’t one running then I’m usually hanging out with one or more of the people I’ve met through LARP’ing.

OH… I also play WoW (World of Warcraft). Yeah… I’m a Geek and proud of it!

I think that’s it for now… this is a work in progress as I decide how I like it written. I just don’t like leaving a page blank. :o)

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