broken pieces of me…


Soon, hopefully this weekend, I will get a big jump start on this site. I’m going to get my fella to give me a hand with a gallery then I should be off and running. Next week I plan to take pictures of all of the costumes and pieces that I’ve made so that they can have their own gallery. It may take a bit of planning because I want to have things grouped together properly so that people who aren’t interested in my personal life don’t have to run through it to get to my public galleries & stuff for sale.

That’s another thing… figuring out how to sell things. At first I’m just going to put the galleries up to see if there’s any interest. Right now we’re only selling chainmail & scalemail locally and only on commission, but I have some bracelets and earrings done and ready for sale… so we’ll see.

And, just in case anyone is interested in my life today… it’s FRIDAY!! But no slacking today… I’ve got a ton of work to get done. Funny thing… we had a pigeon in the office two weeks ago (I think it was 2), and they haven’t seemed to learn their lesson. Another guy in the office (on the other side) left his window open over night!!! This morning I opened up that side and saw two pigeons peeking in, so I shooed them away, but I don’t know if there’s another one that might be in there. I just shut that side of the office and they can deal with it. Their own stupidity after all. ;oP

Anyway… I’ve got 45 minutes (or so) until I actually start (I got here at 7:25am today, but don’t actually start until 9am), but I want to check my Facebook and whatnot before I have to start making calls, working on A/R & A/P, updating files, and calling the mobile phone company. Weeeee!

All the best to you and yours!

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