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This is a call for patience from anyone who is curious and kind enough to glance by my website while it’s in the midst of construction (I’d say “reconstruction” but it was in poor disrepair before and barely warranting the label “website”). I have never used a pre-constructed template before, so I am working my way thru manipulating it, but by the end of this weekend, with some help, I shall have it up and running.

This site shall house updates here in the blog section on the main page (“Home” currently) about my current projects and my life, the “About” section will remain such and will have details about me shortly, and there will be one or more Album sections (depending on how I want to divide my photos). I will have a section devoted to Chainmail for certain. Currently if you want to get a small idea of what I’ve made and/or helped make you can vistit It’s where our old site was migrated to, and Chris will still have a section on Visual Voodoo for chainmail, but I’ll be adding one to my site as well because I may draw a different crowd. (-_^)

In any event… this is my first post and I will end it here so that I can work on the backend some more tonight.

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JeannieGrrl Says:

May 30th, 2008 at 8:15 pm edit

Chick, I know that your forte is flash and that makes PHP, these templates, a real b**ch. I have a crapload of PHP and CSS ebooks if you want them, they’ll help everything in the long run. Also – I live for WordPress so any help you need, just say the word(press)! *giggles*

P.S. You’re in my “Townies” link box in the left sidebar on my site

Stay shiny!

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