broken pieces of me…

All right, so you see, it’s like this

Bright-eyed skittish creatures come towards and beside us on the path as more red eyed daemons step out in front of us. These nervous critters cross our path eagerly and with little regard to our golden beast as he trudges along his regular course.

Eventually our trek is halted by a glowing red signal and even the glare-eyed monsters cease their movement in fearful respect. One such beast, directly ahead of us has a bizarre tag beneath his jaws…

“California” is written in a scrawling cardinal ink.

We travel a little ways behind California as she makes her way onto the cross-path ahead of us, though she is confused when we come to the next turn off… she does not realize that the split path we are on is to start towards the causeway over the water, not travel beside it so she has halted the movement of our beast.

Though, today, he is more patient than usual. He waits until this new glowing red signal turns its back to become green and we all begin our forward movement again.

I watch for the deer that feed beside the path over the water but see none. In these colder months they tend to sleep later or perhaps they feed at the same time, only deeper out of sight.

Eventually I am dropped at my location to work out my day as a slave.

Sad existence, I know this however… what choice do I have?


And here we are… I’m at work and it’s frickin’ freezing in here. For those of you who actually know me… it takes a lot for me to admit that about where I work. Normally I could melt ‘cause the regular room temp is set to 23 C (which I set myself for the girls on our thermostat so that they’d be comfy) AND the girls have their little space-heaters on.

However… I come in this morning, take my coat off, and think “Gee… it’s kinda cold”. After a few more minutes without my coat and my body getting used to the temp in the room, I think… “Holy… it’s COLD in here”. So I go to the thermostat and it says it’s 12 C …. 12 C indoors??!!

By this time my fingers have started to feel like their freezing and I make myself a green tea with loads of honey and wrap my scarf back around my neck ‘cause I’m already fighting a bug and do NOT want to make it a throat cold. Been feeling somewhat like a songbird the past few weeks singing ABBA tunes at home alone in my room so I don’t want to lose my voice.

I’m a little afraid ‘cause the Boss asked me yesterday if we pay for the heat here in the office or if the landlords do… I told him the landlords do. But we had heat yesterday… and we don’t today (after he was supposed to meet with the landlords). However… pipes have also been freezing all over the place in the city… so maybe our pipes are frozen??

GAH… all I know is; I’m cold. I have my scarf around my neck and I didn’t bring a sweater today (like I normally do) ‘cause I figured I’m not in the greatest of moods and getting overheated won’t help. Riiiight. I didn’t even bring my mitts or hat. *cries*

Anyway… that’s the news from the frozen wastelands of my office. I hope you enjoyed the little story above. Sometimes my imagination runs away with my brain and brings my fingers along for the ride… LOL

TTFN all!

~ BeAn ~

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