broken pieces of me…

One of those days…

Ever have one of those days when you can’t seem to focus? I mean… almost not at all?

I’m having one of those days.

This morning, on the way into work in the truck with my father, he mentioned that we were going to stop for gas and I suddenly realized we were about 10 minutes from home already. Yikes… where did the time/space go??

Then… while he was getting gas into the truck, I was listening to the radio, CBC in the truck as always, and they were talking about the methadone clinic in Saint John. And I thought; I wonder who came up with the red triangle backing with the green maple leaf dead center on the top edge of the triangle for the Canadian Tire logo?

I did make a point of paying attention when Dad was talking about how he’s going to miss going out in the field for training/work. Even in this sort of weather (it’s currently, at the moment of typing this part: [holy s***] -32 C … no wind THANKFULLY! … seeing that makes me want to just cab down to my fella’s after work!)

Back on the topic… Dad is sad. I could hear it in his voice. It’s depressing when some things change… at least the things you enjoy, and especially as you grow older. Which reminds me… I need to get back into physical artforms.

I’ve been chaining myself to my computer working on CG (reminds me that I need to get a good app on here [my site] so that I can upload images) but I’m soon going to be strapping myself into my sewing machine. We have a trip mid-to-late March and I need to make some outfits for that. Can’t wait!!!

But also I got some lovely paints and oil pastels from a friend for Christmas that I want to crack open and I want to try my hand at making critters with Fimo. Need some black paper for the oil pastels though… I love the sharp contrast. I should scan in some of my chalk pastels on black construction paper… I love the look of colour on black.

I think I’m coming down with that cold or whatever finally. My nose is so stuffed up and my brain feels like someone’s sitting on it. I’m currently drinking some Green Tea with a very generous dose of honey (need to go buy more!) to try make myself feel more normal.

At least the time appears to be flying. Which is definitely a good thing today. I don’t know how productive I’m going to be at all with my brain feeling like it does. I should be thankful though if it’s a side-effect of a cold/flu… ’cause this is the first real one I’ve had since the Winter season started! Woot for me! We’ll see how it progresses through the day.

Now I’m going to work on a celtic knot that has been consuming me for the past 2 days. When I get it done I *will* post it!!! Promise!

Stay warm and cozy people!
~ BeAn ~

Side note: odd comments strike me funny… like last night the guy on the phone at the VIA Rail order desk said that I type fast (I was asking my friend a question about her discount card on MSN while I was on the phone with him ’cause he couldn’t find it in the system). I laughed and told him my speed, and what’s normal (typically). LOL

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