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Strange portents and odd feelings…

What is it about certain ‘things’ that set me off? Honestly these ‘things’ are innocent enough and, as far as I know, I’m not drawing on some ancient innate knowledge because… let’s get real… you can’t claim to know something that you don’t yet. Well I suppose some people can, believing in past lives, but my memory is so bad sometimes that, even believing in past lives myself, I don’t think I could remember anything clearly from a past life that I have a hard time even remembering in this one! ;oP

But, getting back to what I started talking about … portents, omens, odd feelings…

Ever get that whole calm-before-the-storm feeling? Problem is I don’t know if I got the feeling before I went outside or after.

The air is still and pregnant with things to come. Blind Man’s Lake was as glassy as a mirror, and even the ocean next to the causeway had barely a ripple. There were three crows that, disconcertingly, sat on a lawn and watched us as we passed by in the car. And I had this feeling as I went to grab the newspaper from the yellow Telegraph Journal holder at the end of our driveway, before we even left, that today is some kind of turning point and I have to be careful. I had a chill and, for those that know me, I’m a really warm person as a rule…so for me to have a physical chill on a relatively warm day (it’s 7 degrees Celsius according to the Weather Network)… well let’s just say it’s weird.

As far as I know there isn’t anything ‘special’ about today (besides being a friend of a friend’s birthday)… but I’m going to stick to this gut feeling and watch myself and everything around me. I hope everyone else does the same if they get that nagging feeling too. Maybe it’s just me though.

Right now I’m having a tea to warm my insides.

Sorry it’s been so long (if anyone actually likes to read my strange posts that is), I’m going to try and work on my site tonight… but Thursdays are bad for me ’cause they’re my prep-before-the-weekend night. I’ll try though!

Be well, be careful and be safe!

I know that’s a lot of wished-protection… but that’s how much of a foreboding feeling I have.


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jgrrl Says:

November 6th, 2008 at 11:35 am edit

I would pay very strong attention to the vibes, all too often we have warning but we told ourselves that it was nothing because only crazy folks “feel” right? and then [...]

so don’t let it own your day but remain ever aware and on your guard just the same.

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