broken pieces of me…

The place that time forgot… or… “Stewiacke”

LOL… just kidding. It’s not that bad out there! Though, my Uncle C even laughed when we told one of his friends (that came to visit while we were there this past weekend) when he asked what we were doing in Stewiacke, and we replied “visiting and shopping”. “Not in shopping in Stewiacke,” Uncle C laughed, “you’d be stuck shopping in the same store!”

It *is* a small place, but it’s comfy and cozy. Uncle C and Aunt D live in a new sub-division in a house that they had built. It’s marvelous! I didn’t get many pictures of the house itself this trip, but next time I’ll document the whole place. This trip was about the Fall colours and family. Pictures will be forthcoming… provided B-sister doesn’t rope me into shows tonight after I get home from work. And I’ll post more about the actual trip too. Honestly I promise to post albums of photos on this site soon!

That’s another thing… I need to get a good album up of my chainmail and scale-mail creations. I want to try pre-selling items to deliver at the convention in March to people who will be there. I think it’d be a nice touch to be able to personally, physically, hand over purchases… and I really want to get back into making things!

Speaking of making things; my skirt is almost done! I have to get the band adjusted (closed off the ends then realized I’m messing with the pattern so I need to open them up a bit again so I can finish them differently) and then sew that on, and hem it! Then I’ll be jumping into sewing my Halloween costume (Lil’Red) together. I know that we have a plan for the other half of the murder mystery thingie… but I itch to make a costume every year!

And that’s no joke or exaggeration… just ask my family, friends… or my closet! *sigh* … I really need to clean that out too.

I want to get a tickle trunk. Those of you who remember him will remember Mr. Dress-Up and his “tickle trunk”. It was a large treasure-chest-looking trunk that was painted real fun and had tons of components that you could mix and match to make any type of costume! Well… mine wouldn’t be that crazy, but I want something of the same ilk to store my many costumes.

I swear… when we get a house I’m going to have one large closet or room that’s going to house all my addictions. …Saying it like that makes me believe I need a whole room. I mean… there’s my costumes/sewing creations, my chainmail/scale-mail, my Fimo, painting supplies (both acrylic and fabric paint… and I really itch to get back into those addictions… I feel like I’m losing my creativity in that regard), drawing supplies, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something(s). It would be one crazy room, I’m tellin’ ya!

Anyway… that’s it for now. I have Cinnabons in front of me (an indulgence I bought while in Stewiake [we shopped at Dartmouth Crossing and the Mic Mac Mall]) and I’m going to eat one then bring the other to my fella at lunch. But I really need to eat it now… ’cause it’s screaming my name and I can’t concentrate!

Wish me some good luck with my research into a project for Flash here at work that I plan on doing today but, regardless, I’ll wish you the best of luck in all you do today!

Stay sun-shiny!

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