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The odd little things you notice…

First: I have to find another way to post my photos on this site. The way it is now is quite a hassle (hence there being no photos put up since the first album that my sweetie basically put up for me). That’s why nothing has been uploaded in forever… I just can’t convince myself to do it. I’ll try again tonight, but there’s a lot of preparing to do before Halifax so it’s unlikely.

Now… to the main meat of my post today!

There are strange little odd thoughts that pop into my mind from time-to-time. This morning I had a few as I was coming in town with my Mom (Dad is away preparing to hunt, so no stories from him until after hunting season).

Some of the things they say on the radio are just nuts! Some people who read this may also be friends with me on Facebook and will, possibly, have noticed my status a day or so ago. Yes… the radio guy actually said “moist with anticipation” … he was, I believe, talking about hurricane Kyle that was supposedly about to hit us and dump a 75-100mm of rain on our heads in a short span of time and gusts of wind to knock us over and rearrange our landscape. (side-note: No Kyle… or, at least, he was a kitten when he hit us instead of the rampaging lion that we were warned of… still; best to be prepared. No flooding in our basement, where there was when Hanna smacked into us)

And this morning the same guy, and his usual female counterpart, were going back and forth about the cruise ships that are in and the one that’s coming in (or is already in) today. They were listing off all of the amenities that this big Queen Mary (I or II, not sure… I don’t pay that close attention to their generations) has and ended up saying; “That’s very hoity AND toity” (he) “Fancy and schmancy” (she). It made me giggle. The bizarre, most-times funny, things they say.

Another thought popped into my head as we were crossing the causeway and, for the life of me, I can’t recall what my train of thought was leading up to it. I think I was reflecting on my drives in with Dad and how they are different than travelling with Mom. With Mom I am mostly silent, and respond with short little sentences. With Dad I can have conversations back and forth easily and it doesn’t feel like a ‘fight’ to be heard.

Then I got to thinking… I speak less with people who tend to speak over me or just not listen to me. I gravitate towards just being a ‘listener’ (most often) or just ignoring them completely and retreating to my own thoughts (mostly with ‘conversations’ I don’t find interesting). If I find someone who will listen… I talk, if the mood strikes. I’m a pretty quiet person most times though, because I do enjoy listening.

And I think people pick up on that subconsciously, I honestly do! I’ve had people just ramble off to me and, afterwards, comment that they don’t know why they just unloaded all of their issues onto me. Maybe I just exude a ‘non-threatening’ air. Who knows? Well I suppose the people who talk to me might. LOL

A little note about me; if I don’t unload all of my thoughts and feelings on you it’s because I feel like a burden if I dump my issues on someone else. I will ramble off on this site (those of you who are reading on Facebook, because I now have my website fed into my Facebook profile, this is originally from my website/blog) because if you don’t want to listen… you can just surf elsewhere and come back another time (hopefully), or click off and do something else (if you’re on Facebook reading this).

Well… this is it for today. Like I said above, I’m going to try and get some photos up tonight… but it’s not looking good where I have to get ready for the trip.

Those of you who haven’t heard “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga (there’s no real video on this one, just the music)… if you like dance music… LISTEN to it! It is AWESOME!

Thought for the day: If enough of us smile, can we bring the sun out from behind the clouds? (I believe so!)

Stay sun-shiny!

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