broken pieces of me…

Broken pieces of me…

I know… you read the title and think; “OMG… what happened? Did she have issues with her beau? Has her mind finally fractured under the weight of her thoughts?” Well… sort of… OH… but not the ‘beau‘ part. We’re still good. I just think too much.

I was having a conversation with a good friend last night and at a point in the conversation that was one of my replies. I think it sounded poetic, and it stuck in my head even this morning as I woke up, so I thought I’d share it. Because it is so poetic in my head, I think I’ll try to compose something around it… something artistic. Maybe a poem/song, maybe a crafty composition of tangible and/or visual art… depends on my mood when I get home (because I don’t have time now before work to do that as well as write a post).

If anyone reading this knows of the Camarilla (based off of White Wolf content)… the rumours are true… I have rejoined the fold. I know this will cause some of you to shake your heads and wail, “Why? For the love of all that is good and great in the world…. WHY?!” Some others of you may realize that it is an addiction… a kind of social addiction that caters to people who want to act, but not on a stage, and those who LOVE to costume, but hate waiting for Hallowe’en. It’s LARP and, for me, it is good (most of the time).

So… because there is no Chapter in our fair city any longer, I have joined the online community of Northern Winds so that I can play on mIRC. I know what you’re thinking; “Didn’t she say ‘costume’? What does she do… sit at her computer in some elaborate outfit?” Answer: No, I don’t sit at my computer in a costume… though I have a ton of them from when we did have a Chapter in the city. I do however, since I am artistically inclined, create images of my characters in costume so that I can reference them and keep the ‘photo’ open while I ‘play’. BUT!!!! There is a convention in Toronto this next year… AND!!!! Since I am a member again… I can go and act and costume… IN PERSON!

Yeah… I am budgeting for a trip to Toronto to go to this convention. I won’t be alone because my beau and, at least, 2 friends will be there with me. One friend plays too, but Chris and my other friend don’t anymore. Toronto is an interesting place though, and we’ve been itching to travel for fun… so it’s an excuse. If nothing else. :o)

I am thoroughly excited though! And it’s inspired me to a costume idea that may end up sparking a few sales for chainmail too… we shall see. I am going to try and create an image of the costume idea on my computer tonight as well as get photos up here that I’ve slacked on.

You know what?? Yesterday I got to thinking before I left from work that I was going to be completely alone at home last night. Then I thought… WOW… I can get ‘this’ done since there won’t be anyone around to ask me to do something. Guess what? I totally forgot what I was going to do as soon as I got into the truck to go home, and I didn’t remember all night… I don’t even remember now! STILL! What I could have done was upload photos and put them on here… curses. Instead, I played around in Poser and Photoshop. Oh well… there’s always tonight! ;oP

So I was chatting with my cousin last night… which cousin? The only one that reads this site that I know of anyway. :o) And he wanted me to mention a game that he plays, and placed in recently, at Gen Con. It’s called “Settlers of Catan” and it’s a resource management board game. I wanted to post here about it because the videos that a player did are just so gosh darned funny!!! It’s a good thing I was alone in the house last night ’cause I was laughing so hard that anyone hearing me would have thought I was insane!

So here are the videos for each episode (yes… he made multiple videos!)… don’t watch them if you don’t want to… but if you do, I hope you get as much of a chuckle as I did: (if the links don’t work, go to and search for “Settler from Catan”)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

I can’t even tell you which one was my favourite because there are parts in each one that made me giggle uncontrollably!

Well that’s it for this morning… I may post tonight if I can get the photos up. For some reason my WordPress plugins have become disabled and I can’t even see them in the list to access them anymore… so I have to get that figured out when I get home too (since my home desktop is where the files are stored). It’s odd though because some of the things I have on my site are still working, even though I can’t see the plugins to edit them. Very strange.

Anywho… I hope your day is a pleasant surprise. It’s hump day after-all! The peak-of-the-week! Enjoy!

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