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You know… there are a few strange things that have slapped me in the face since yesterday:

1) I haven’t posted in September yet! I really need to get a regular schedule down for making posts. Even if it’s just one day every week. I know… it’s not really ‘strange’ per se, but it suddenly hit me last night that I NEED to make a post today about what’s been going on, and then I thought; ‘Girl, you haven’t posted in a WHILE. You need a schedule.’

2) People can surprise you. More to come on that below…

3) Just now, literally, I saw a crow flying the wrong way down the one way street from the windows in the office where I work and I thought; “He’s going to get in an accident” … If I drank coffee I’d say that I need some right now to wake my brain up. As it is, I’ll just eat my granola bar, then some chocolate to get my blood pumping and my brain working properly. I hope that, at least, gave someone a giggle out there in e-land. I thought it was worth mentioning in the off-chance that you might get a chuckle.

4) I have WAY too many hobbies. More to come on that below too…

So … here’s “below”, as I munch on my morning granola bar, please forgive my chewing… even though you can’t hear it:

In all honesty, human beings shouldn’t surprise me anymore. Even if I didn’t have local/work and friend/family-related examples of the range of personalities and social quirks of human kind… the news is FULL of them.

But I must admit that I was shocked yesterday when my boss, someone I thought I had perfectly pegged, offered me the job that I expressed interest in. See, as much as he advocates change, he really strikes me as someone who gets comfortable with the way things *are*. Especially when it comes to someone who has access to all the accounts and has a good handle on the accounting program. I had been hired to do the job of the Office Admin and handle the day-to-day finances and invoicing of clients (as well as everything else that comes with that). I now know how to use Quickbooks, quite comfortably and in a mid-to-advanced capacity, where I didn’t even know of the program’s existence in November of last year. Though I attribute this to my enjoyment in learning new things (also the reason why I have so many hobbies), not because I really like working on the finances. That was necessity.

In any event, we’re putting the call out for a new Office Admin/Finance Clerk and I’ll be transitioning to a sort of graphical catch-all job for now. I’ll still be doing Flash, but I’ll also be helping the girls with whatever they need in order to get projects done faster. This excites me for a few reasons, not the least of which is that I get to do what I went to College for and what I taught for 3/4 of a school year. One of the other reasons it makes me happy is that I can try and help take some of the load off the other girls. Poor Web-gal gets soooo stressed out because she has so many projects on the go and more keep getting piled on top of her and the Lead Graphic gal is just as swamped.

So yeah, I’m <sings> so excited! And I just can’t hide it! <sings>

On the hobbies ‘issue’… last night a friend and I had plans to go to Michael’s (the largest catch-all craft store we have in the city) and took her little munchkin (if you want to see photos of the little dumpling I linked to photos that Chris took of him) along. Man! If I had enough money I would buy up half that store and I don’t even do about a 1/4 of the crafts that you can buy supplies for there. I had gone with the thought of buying some starter supplies for cake decorating, because that is something that I’m interested in trying my hand at. Ever since I was little, some of my fondest memories are of being over at my Nan’s (grandmother) and eating icing worms off our fingers (she would pipe the extra icing from decorating a cake onto our index finger in a long line, like a colourful worm), or getting a hard icing flower as a treat.

However, cake decorating supplies are quite expensive and I don’t have much money at the moment that I can spare. So, instead, I bought a book on Halloween crafts and recipes (I’ll post the name of that a little later because I think it’s a GREAT book for anyone who LOVES Halloween like I do), Halloween cake & cupcake dusting templates, and some foam dots for my Mom (she makes homemade Christmas tags and uses the dots to add dimension… I’ll have to take a photo). I can’t divulge what my friend bought… just in case her fiancé reads my blog. ;oP Though we did stop by at Fabricville, after Value Village didn’t produce any results for a baby-sized pirate costume, because I recalled seeing a pattern for a baby pirate and the costume pattern also included instructions on how to sew a cover for the stroller that would make it look like a cute pirate ship!! If she can’t do it, I’m SEW up to the challenge!

On the way home, my Nan (she came to pick me up since I don’t drive) told me about a young man who is about to get married. Like I said a little earlier in this post, my Nan used to decorate cakes all the time (as well as run her ceramics shop). Well, she has made tons of cakes, but she had made a cake for this young man when he was a baby. It was a baby shower cake, with a little blue plastic bottle and blue topped plastic diaper pin and whatnot (I’ve seen her make these little bassinet cakes and they are adorable!). Apparently his mother kept all these little trinkets for him in order to give them to him at a further date. He is now planning a wedding and his mother told his fiancé about keeping these things, so the fiancé asked when she was going to give them to him. So, when the mother gives them to him, she told him about the woman that made the cake and ‘bunny’ bag for him for his baby shower, and he asked if she was invited to the wedding (I’m assuming that his mother was helping make the guest list). She said that Nan wasn’t invited, and he said that maybe she should be. So … Nan has an invitation to the wedding of a young man that she made baby shower stuff for before he was even born!

It’s surprising how things just come right back around in a loop. It might be a long and twisted ‘loop’, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind when dealing with others. You never know when you’ll ‘meet’ again.

Side note: I am going to be trying really hard to get photos up on this site. I know I’ve promised and promised and nothing’s come of it, but this weekend there is a gaming convention going on and I don’t play any of the games, but I am going up with beau. Soooooo I’m going to edit my photos for placement and upload them when I get an internet connection!

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