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Another one… so soon?

Another one… so soon?

I know what you’re thinking; “Another one? So soon? I haven’t even had a chance to read the massive post you just put up yesterday! What’s up?”

The answer is… well… just ’cause.

See… I want this to be a regular thing, just sometimes life gets … wait… I can’t say “life gets in the way” ’cause that’s the point. Isn’t it? Life should get in the way. And doesn’t this just sound like I’m writing exactly what’s in my head at the moment? Stopping partway through a sentence to correct myself or slip into a crack in the icy layer of my consciousness and plunge into the darkness of my mind? (Man, I love The Phantom of the Opera… see? SEE? Tangent!)

I like typing as if I’m talking to you. I’m not a talkative person in real life unless you get onto a topic that I know something about. However it has been pointed out, recently too, that I am a very inviting person. At a friend’s wedding, two weekends ago, we were sitting at a table for the reception and the priest who married them sat down next to me. He had been sitting at another table all together, but had gotten up and went out for a moment and when he came back he sat in the empty seat next to me (sandwiched by me and a couple I didn’t know) even though there were other seats available with empties beside them. He regaled us with tales of weddings he had done before, some good and some never-talk-to-the-relatives-again bad, and mentioned that his wife was pregnant (and not having a good time of it). I listened intently, because I love hearing stories and it’s just plain polite, and congratulated him (since his wife wasn’t there) on their expected child (they don’t know what the baby is, but she’s near to the end of it so they’ll know soon enough).

But people will just talk to me if I give them a polite smile or empathetic nod at their troubles. I know it sounds hokey, but deep down I want people, anyone/everyone… just random somebodies, to know that there’s someone in the world who feels for them. There are some people this odd minor benevolence (if you can even call it that) does NOT extend to, not racially different or anything… just life choices different. No, not gay/lesbians either (I was going to say ‘homosexuals’ but I hate the sound of that word). I have had friends/co-workers since High School (at least) who are gay/lesbians and I really have NO problem at all with that. If you can find LOVE, it shouldn’t matter the ethnicity, religion, or sex. The only place I draw the line on finding LOVE, is age and that’s only when you get into the younger end of the measuring stick, and it more begs the question; are they mature enough to make such important decisions as having sex, having a baby, getting married, and living together (to name a few, and not necessarily in that order of course)? I mean, some young people get bitten by puppy love and think it’s LOVE, and then make all sorts of mistakes. Hard to generalize though, some people are more mature than you would think.

Though, I suppose I, among others, always say; we learn from our mistakes. It’s the best way TO learn… unless of course what you’re trying to accomplish is life threatening… then it could be fatal. But that’s a choice.

Which brings me to one point that was on the radio this morning and had my father in a tizzy. The whole ATV issue that’s been going about this summer… more accidents, ‘adding’ laws, etc. They’ve had laws in place, my father argues, and they’ve got a new platoon of enforcers… and they are catching and fining people, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Just like the police. They had a neurosurgeon on as a specialist interviewee and really… all of his points are valid and in-line with ‘choices’. If you choose NOT to wear a helmet on an ATV… it’s your own fault if/when you crack your head open. If you choose to drink while driving one, it’s your own fault when you have an accident… just Fate preserve anyone you may ‘try’ to take with you. If you choose to drive at night, you need to choose paths you know very well, use your light and be VERY careful. If you choose to drive recklessly, including speeds, then it’s your own fault if/when you get in an accident.

Honestly. Just use your brains.

That enough of that… I hate ranting, but I felt it necessary. I just want people to be safe, really, that’s all I want. I hate to think of my sisters or parents (who have ATV’s and are very responsible) or family or friends being out somewhere and getting into an accident because of some idiot.

All of this just to say that I saw a doe and her twins walking in the grass & underbrush beside the causeway this morning on my drive in with Dad. I tell you… I hate just posting small stuff… I feel like; if I have the chance to post, I have to make it count since I don’t usually get the chance. They were really cute though! Momma was walking ahead of them looking for some yummy clover and the twins still had their spots! Dad, an avid hunter (though mostly he loves taking photos now), saw a tail… but when I told him about the fawns he was happy. I worry about the deer in there, but they seem smart enough because I never see bodies on the side of the road and I never hear about any getting hit there, and there’s a good sized ‘herd’ of them. Which is kind of odd in-and-of-itself since it’s so close to downtown, but I enjoy seeing them in the morning and occasionally on the way home after work.

My inspirational message for today:
Make informed choices, but… if you make a mistake; make it count.

Have a sun-shiney day!

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Adam Wilson Says:

August 25th, 2008 at 12:30 am edit

I agree with accidents caused by lapses in judgment being the fault of the person lacking judgment, but try and explain that to the mothers and you’ll see how far the argument gets. “If only there was someone watching him, he wouldn’t have driven without his helmet,” “if the fines were steeper, they wouldn’t do it,” “if he had a better group of friends, they wouldn’t party on ATVs drunk,” etc. etc. ad nauseum. People blame everyone but the corpse because they want to make that person a good person, and cover up all the bad things that they want to forget. It’s a tough pill to swallow though, so don’t expect anything to change anytime soon, because that would mean a new level of maturity for your average human being, which is not there right now.

Just a thought.

PS – I appreciate all your hard work! Don’t ever think I don’t!

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