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Testing a link

Okay… so I’m testing something out.

IMPORTANT: I’ll ask that my Facebook friends that read my website posts in Facebook NOT comment or Like this post at all or tag anyone (in Facebook). I snuck this from a performance and I’d rather not get into trouble for doing it. The performer asked me to, as well as a friend from out of town who couldn’t make any of the performances but wanted to hear the performer sing. If anyone comments or Likes or tags this in FB, I’ll have to take it down.

So let’s see if this plugin will work…

Nope… An-archos media plugin = Fail

However… Embedthevideo which is just simple coding help = WIN!

So here we go (click the link below):
Frank Perfomance

Just keep in mind that this is a large file and will take some time to download (for me it was like probably 10 minutes or so this morning, but my connection at work isn’t the greatest). It brings up a pop-up window and the player icon will show in the window but no indication that it’s actually doing anything. Just be patient. This will work for now until I find a better solution. And I apologize for the size… I tried editing the code to resize it to match the actual video (not square, and larger)… but it won’t take it.

I’ll try to post more later today. Lots going on.

=^..^= Bean =^..^=

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