broken pieces of me…

Here’s where I’m at now

So I don’t have a lot of time to post, but I feel I need to put something on my website or there’s no real point to it. Valid point, right? Most of my friends read this on FB anyway, ’cause my posts magically (not really, but it sounds more exicting this way) show up there from here… so they just look like messages that I posted.

Lots of things going on lately. Massive amount of prep for the upcoming convention in March, a commissioned costume piece or two, as well as the usual requests from family and friends for help with this craft project or another.

Realized today (actually it was earlier in the week, but I was too hectic-busy and stressed to even think about it again) that I need to update my list of items for completion before March and I should probably combine all my items in ONE Excel sheet (I love Excel for organizing data). I might actually sticky post it on this site too … that way I can cross/check things off as I complete them. Having others see my list might make me work faster too… Can’t really hurt!

Had some strange dreams last night/this morning too. One was definitely because I was wondering what the new episode of Lost Girl would be like (saw that it was recording on the PVR last night… which was probably why I had a dream about it), and the other I have NO idea.

That second dream was weird. I was on something like a farmstead and there was a small shack/home at one corner and a shallow pond in front of it with large tree trunks cut and floating in it. Someone, an unknown woman, came up to me and said that I should go about removing the spruce saplings because they were all infected and wouldn’t grow anymore. This person was wearing something like 19th Century garb, like you’d see at King’s Landing, and I knew her in the dream… but she’s not anyone I actually know. So I went to the shack and took up an axe that was leaning against the outside of the home and walked back over to the floating tree trunks. I then proceeded to step along the floating trees and chop at the small saplings that had been growing up out of small cavities along the trunks but had turned black. Briefly, I was worried that the trunks would roll and I’d fall between them and twist/break my leg (I was wearing a 19th Century style dress as well as heeled boots, fancier than you’d imagine for a labourer to wear), but I didn’t fall and soon I was near-done when I heard someone calling for help.

The woman was calling from across the road so I went to go help her out. Unfortunately after this point it’s fuzzy ’cause I woke up to my alarm clock then dozed off again but can’t remember anything else if it did continue. I seem to recall her having a baby though…

It probably didn’t help that my stomach was still upset when I went to bed, so that was probably affecting my brain too.

And someone sent a link in an e-mail this morning for the LARP organization that I’m a member of and I read the post. I liked it so much I thought I’d share it here for anyone who may be interested. On Being a Vampire Sort-Of…or…Why Fake Fangs Made Me Who I Am

I’ll try to work on getting pictures up of the Wedding Blessing scroll, that I did for a friend for his niece’s wedding, soon (like hopefully tomorrow).

That’s it from me for now (well I’ll post the list of projects as well in a second)
=^..^= Bean =^..^=

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