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Truck in a tree

All right!

So I meant to post the other day, Tuesday it would have been, because of a strange dream I had. I didn’t get to posting about it… then Wednesday came and went. Now it’s Thursday and I can’t remember a whole lot about the dream.

It was steampunk-ish. I was in a lavishly furnished old-fashioned train car, riding along with a man much like Morgan Freeman. He was explaining how time travel was possible because of “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” (…uhm… k) and we, time-travellers, created this train to make it easier to travel through time and it was a lot more comfortable than the alternative.

The train stopped and I got off ’cause I knew there was something I needed to do at that time and place, but once the train started up again and left… I had the fear of; “Now that I’ve gotten off… how will I find it again?” Because, you see, the train isn’t visible to those in the regular human time stream. In fact, when I got off the train, it was literally travelling down the middle of the road I was now standing beside… though not on regular train tracks… obviously.

Then this young woman, wearing a faery-like outfit including sheer wings, skipped up beside me and then past me saying in a sing-song voice, “Don’t worry. When you need to go again, you’ll find it.”

A moment later, and a few feet in front of me though still skipping away from me cheerfully, she remarks; “It’s going to fall.”

I look to my left, across the road (which appeared to be a rural country road & area), and there was a huge old tree with many thick branches. In the tree, near the top, were two birds’ nests and one of them did look like it was going to fall.

I said something to her about it being sad that the nest was going to fall out of the tree and she turned around to look at me and shook her head.

“Not that… the truck,” she gets close to me so she can point down and back, and… yes… down and to the left of where I was looking there was a relatively new looking tan coloured 1/2 ton truck sitting (top up, as if it had been meaning to land on the road that was maybe 15 feet from the tree it had actually landed in) on some of the thickest branches near the bottom and it was about to fall too. At the time, in the dream, I didn’t think it was odd that there was a truck in the tree, of course, and instead I looked back to my side of the road and past a green field and down a long, straight, driveway to a home. I thought it was such a shame that they weren’t going to have their truck anymore…

And then I woke up.

Also, today I found a blog site I fell in love with (and a reason to add another category to my Links page: Food).

I was looking for interesting ways to decorate a cake that I’m making tonight (I’m actually making two, but one needs to look like stone and trees, and not just regular trees… but trees made of stone) so, as usual, I hit up my old friend Google and see what it had to show me.

I got caught up in at least three different sites after a short bit of picture hopping:

“Hilary Makes”
“Smitten Kitchen”

I must say that so far (out of the few pages I’ve checked out on these sites), I really enjoy how Bakerella and Smitten Kitchen are written. It’s like they’re talking to you and they’re just a quirky as I feel most times.

Hope you like them too… and I’m sooooo trying out some of their recipes when I get a chance. And it got me thinking that I’ll probably do some baked goods for my family and LARP’ing friends again this year, but I think I’ll keep the variety of ‘goods’ down under 4. Last year it was insane! I also need to find things that will travel well so that I can put them in a celophane baggie instead of making origami boxes or worrying about them in paper bags (my last-minute rush item to pack cookies in when I realized that the boxes were taking too long).

Okay… that’s it for now. Time for me to prepare to decorate (after supper that is)

=^..^= Bean =^..^=

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