broken pieces of me…

This’ll be a short one

A couple of thoughts this morning…

For one, WordPress has let me down. On our site for our convention coming up next year (March 2012), I had set up the payment options page to automatically publish as of Aug 31st 2011 @ 23:59. I got up this morning and prepared for my dentist trip. Chris woke up and was preparing to head off to open the store ’cause it’s Steve’s little fella’s first day of Kindergarten Daycare. I asked Chris, as I was making my sandwich, if he’d check to see if the page had published. Nope, it didn’t.

… no? … NO?! Arg. So off I went to the dentist with the reminder playing through my head that I’d have to manually publish the page when I got to work, plus all the other updates to the site and actual work related stuff that needed to get done.

And the second thought I had was as I was heading to work after my dentist appointment. The cabbie made a comment about some woman walking her dog, as if he saw her often, and that caused me to realize that it would be REALLY easy to be a stalker as a cabbie. Scary thought.

Yep… that’s it for now. Told ya it would be short!

=^..^= Bean =^..^=

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