broken pieces of me…

Suddenly there came a tapping…

Well I’m sure it wasn’t ‘suddenly’… but the bloody thing sounded like a bird.

So last night, as we were preparing for bed, my fella noticed a humongous moth in the window. He pulled up the blinds to show me and the thing came into the room and fluttered frantically around the ceiling light. I exercised my girlie rights and took that time to retreat to the washroom and brush my teeth while he went to find his moth catching kit (which consisted of a female clothing flyer I had gotten with an online order recently and a shoe box from a pair of sandals I had gotten sometime mid-Summer).

See… we’re into the whole catch and release thing… however Mothra didn’t cooperate. Chris lost track of it when he went to get the ‘kit’ and I was in the washroom so I wasn’t tracking its flight patterns.

So we went to bed, wondering if the thing was going to try and carry one of us or the cat away in our sleep.

Around 02:26, or so, I was awoken by the sound of wings beating on the window. It woke Chris up too ’cause he got up and grabbed the flyer… and only the flyer.

I’m sorry… but you interrupt the sleep of a most-times insomniac and see if you come out of it unscathed.

He’s pretty sure he hit him, but he couldn’t find a body (he didn’t turn on the light that late/early though ’cause I’m sure he didn’t want me to wake up fully… even though I already was awake) and I couldn’t find one this morning… though admittedly it was dark in the room this morning because of the rain clouds still about.

That’s another thing too… I woke up around 04:10 because of the rain. It was coming down pretty heavy at that time but when I walked to work it was just a really heavy mist.

When I got up to work I had a guest in the front doorway (we have an outside door to our side of the building that we don’t lock, and then an inside door that leads upstairs, the outside door doesn’t get locked ’cause we don’t have a key… yet). A homeless guy was sleeping diagonally in our front doorway with his head propped on his napsack. Tangent: I wonder if that’s where that name actually came from for a ‘bookbag’/over-the-shoulders sack… napsack so that you could nap on it when you weren’t travelling… I should look that up. (if anyone’s interested… I just did after finishing writing this post and found: knapsack … not what I was expecting… but that’s what I get for spelling it wrong initially [before I spell checked, I spelled it "napsack"... LOL])

Anyway… I closed up my umbrella, while he slept, preparing to rap him over the head with the solid handle if he gave me trouble, but as soon as I opened the door and looked down at him, he jumped up and said he was on his way. I didn’t even have to say anything.

I do sympathize ’cause it was raining REALLY hard overnight, even if it was just misting this morning, but it’s not acceptable to sleep in the doorway of my place of business. I don’t mind chasing them off ’cause I used to have to do it when I worked at the movie theatre uptown if there were no guys working (management preferred we got the guys to do it for safety’s sake) and I was only a teenager then… but there are other gals here that would be more uncomfortable and likely just leave instead of try to get past them.

So yeah. That was my excitement late last night until just now. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring!

I hope yours is just as exciting… but with less giant moths and homeless guys. How about coming into money, or someone bringing you flowers, or taking a nice trip, or getting to play with kittens/puppies, or teaching your child something fun and new, or your child teaching you something fun and new? Those sound like some fun and exciting things!

=^..^= Bean =^..^=

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